Monday, May 6, 2013

Editing/Formatting Services

My services include

  • Format manuscript according to guidelines provided by author (fiction, technical manuscripts, business documents);
  • Light edit/proofread, including a skim for obvious typos, misspellings, etc. (fiction, technical manuscripts, business documents);
  • Line-by-line/grammar/copy edit, including a read through for grammar, spelling, punctuation,and mechanics (fiction, technical manuscripts, business documents); and
  • Comprehensive edit, including a line-by-line edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation, mechanics, readability, style, and overall quality control (technical manuscripts, business documents).
I can provide track changes via hard copy by fax or a scanned PDF or via electronic copy (MS Word track changes). 

My experience includes

  • a BA in biology and experience editing science reports;
  • a technical writing certificate, graduate-level English classes, and several years experience as a technical communicator; 
  • experience as a published fiction author; and
  • two articles for Intercom magazine.

For more information, including my rates, please contact me at glick(dot)heidi(at)gmail(dot)com